The Canción Cannibal Cabaret & Other Songs by Amalia L. Ortiz

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Set in a not-so-distant dystopian future, La Madre Valiente, a refugee raised under the oppressive State, studies secretly to become the leader of a feminist revolution. Her emissaries, Las Hijas de la Madre, roam the land spreading her story, educating others, and galvanizing allies.

The much anticipated second book by award-winning author and performance poet Amalia L. Ortiz, The Canción Cannibal Cabaret & Other Songs is a hybrid manuscript experimenting with poetry at the intersection of performance. As a text, it is a collection of post-apocalyptic prose poems and poem songs “cannibalizing” knowledge from before the fall of civilization. In performance, it is a Xicana punk rock musical—part concept album, part radio play. Inspired by current issues of social injustice, this book is a refugee, people of color, feminist, and LGBTQ+ call to action. Continue Reading →