One of our youngest supporters, Gavriel, holds up his coloring of Cipactli, from our Aztec Calendar Coloring Book.


Musicos y Escritores Xicanos

A recent post on Juan’s Facebook page leads to a good opportunity to link to some chingones xican@s…

There was the Beauregard/Friendly Spot in San Anto during the mid-eighties where Sandra Cisneros would drive by every afternoon on her bike listening to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and would occasionally stop in to admire raulrsalinas‘ tattoos when he was in town. Then there was Los Padrinos, managed by the Mendez sisters, where Ricardo Sanchez and Max Martinez se dieron panzasos after having too many Budweisers and frajos and debating quien era el mas chingon. And of course, there’s Salute International Bar, owned by Azeneth Dominguez, where Esteban Jordan, the hipster pachuco pirate acordeonista estrambolico held court every Friday night for over fourteen years con todos los cocodrilos locos and the avant garde artistas, musicos y escritores xicanos looking to score.